2012 VOC Highlights

As 2012 winds down, we would like to reflect on our very successful 2012 Track & Field and Cross Country seasons.  Many of our VOC athletes achieved spectacular results prompting us to proudly declare the VOC, “The Home of the Champions”.  

Worthy of particular attention are the achievements of Stephanie Cho (15 yrs old – Midget category). Stephanie had an outstanding year that included recognition as Top Canadian Athlete of 2012 at the National Legion Championship held in Charlottetown, PEI. At this same competition she won gold in Triple Jump and silvers in the 200 mH and Long Jump events. At the BC Summer Games, she won 3 gold medals in the 200 mH, Long Jump and Triple Jump events as well as a team gold for the 4x100m relay. The complete list of her 2012 successes can be found below alongside some of her other impressive teammates.

VOC’s 2012 highlights:

  • VOC athletes broke 6 BC records
  • VOC athletes broke 2 records at the BC Summer Games
  • At the Canadian National Championships (or National Legion Championships) in Prince Edward Island, VOC won 8 medals: 1 Gold, 5 Silver (Stephanie Cho 2 individuals and 1 BC 4x100m relay, Jessica Hanson 2, with BC Team relay), 2 Bronze
  • VOC earned 32 BC Champion Titles within the club system (35 individual and 3 in the relays)
  • 8 VOC athletes received BC Athletics Awards Winners. In the JD category, Kendra Lewis, Nina Watson, Chloe Ainsworth, Hannah Johnson and Jasper Schiedel were winners and in the Midget (15+) category, Stephanie Cho, Jessica Hanson and Katherine Tourigny won the awards.
  • 23 BC Crests were earned by VOC athletes – 12 Gold, 8 Silver, and 3 Bronze
  • The Cross Country season saw great results from Kendra Lewis, Nina Watson, Stella Rockel, Gavin Boothroyd, Liam Blakely, Thomas Nobbs, Fergus Horrobin, Megan Picken, Samantha Cho, and John Buckshon.  Kendra Lewis (10 yrs) and Thomas Nobbs (13 yrs) won Overall Gold for the Cross Country Season, Nina Watson (11 yrs) and Megan Picken (14 yrs) won Silver and Stephanie Berringer (9 yrs), Samantha Cho (14 yrs) and Fergus Horrobin (14 yrs) won Bronze in their respective age categories.

Though the entire club enjoyed a phenomenal 2012 season, a few VOC athletes boasted outstanding individual achievements that are worth highlighting here:

Stephanie Cho – Midget (15 year old) Category

  • Canadian National Legion Championships:
    • Top Female Athlete
    • 4 Medals (Gold, and three Silver) Gold in TJ -11.67m , Silver – 200mH with 27.50,  in LJ with 5.42m. and 4x100m Relay.
  • BC Records: two times in 200mH (27.46)
  • BC Pentathlon Champion with 3320 points – the highest pentathlon score in Canada for this age group.
  • BC Summer Games:
    • 3 Gold medals in individual events – 200mH, TJ and LJ
    • 1 Gold medal in 4x400m (team comprised of 4 VOC athletes representing Zone 5).
  • BC High School Champion (Grade 9) in 80mH, 100mH and LJ.
  • Canadian Ranking:
    • #1 Long Jump
    • # 3-4 in 100mH and 200mH
    • # 2 in Triple Jump
  • BC Ranking:
    • #1 in 80, mH, 200mH,TJ, LJ, Pentathlon.
    • #2 in 100m

Jessica Hanson – Midget (15 year old) Category

  • Canadian National Legion Championships:
    • 2 Silver Medals in 4x100m and medley.
    • Fourth place in HJ -1.60m
  • BC Summer Games:
    • 1 Silver in HJ (tied with gold medalist with 1.60m jump).
    • 1 Gold medal in 4x400m (team comprised of 4 VOC athletes representing Zone 5).
  • BC High School Champion (grade 9) in HJ.
  • BC Jamboree Championship: 1 Silver in HJ (tied with gold medalist with 1.60m jump).
  • BC Ranking:
    • #2 in HJ

Katherine Tourigny – Junior (18 year old) Category 

  • Despite a shortened training season of only 33 workouts fro April to July 25, Katherine was named BC High School Champion in the 400mH with a time of 62.52
  • BC Championship: Gold in 100mH and 400mH
  • Canadian Ranking:
    • #6 in 400mH
    • #8 in 100mH
  • BC Ranking:
    • #1 in 100mH and 400mH

Sophie Dodd – Youth (16 year old) Category

  • Canadian National Legion Championships:
    • 4th in TJ
    • 8th in LJ
    • BC Championship: 2 Silvers LJ, TJ

Jasper Schiedel – Midget (14 year old) Category

  • Canadian National Legion Championship
    • Bronze in 100mH
    • 4th in200mH
    • 6th in LJ
  • BC Pentathlon Champion with 3090 points – a BC record and the highest pentathlon score in Canada for this age group in 2012.
  • BC Summer Games
    • Gold medal in Pentathlon.
    • Silver medal in 4x100m.
  • BC Champion for 14 years old: 80mH, 200mH, LJ and TJ.
  • BC High School Championships (grade 9) Bronze in 80mH
  • BC Ranking:
    • #1 TJ, LJ, Pentathlon
    • #2 in 80mH
    • #3 in 200mH.

Hannah Johnston – Midget (14 year old) Category

  • BC Summer Games:
    • Gold medal in 4x400m with four girls of VOC team represented Zone 5.
    • 4th in 200mH.
  • BC Championships:
    • Bronze in 80mH
    • Bronze in 200mH

Record cross country season for VOC

Cross country season is short. And this year it was also sweet as seven VOC athletes placed in the top three of their age category. BC Athletics has tallied results from the xcountry series that ran from early September until late October. Below are the outstanding athletes who made 2012 the best season ever for our club:

Kendra Lewis, First Place

Thomas Nobbs, First Place

Nina Watson, Second Place

Megan Picken, Second Place

Stephanie Beringer, Third Place

Samantha Cho, Third Place

Fergus Horrobin,  Third Place

VOC athletes rock in White Rock

Nine VOC athletes competed Saturday, September 29, at Ocean Athletics’ Festival of Cross Country in White Rock.

Stephanie Berringer kicked off the competition with a strong race for the 9-year old girls, placing 13th in the 1500m course with a time of 6.04.69.

Our 10-year old champion, Kendra Lewis, dominated the 2000m race winning gold with a time of 9:05.44.

Nina Watson ran a great race for 11-year old girls with a silver medal time of 8:53.21, while Stella Rockel finished strong in fourth place with a time of 9:39.50. Not to be outdone by the girls, Gavin Boothryd took home a silver medal in the 11-year old boy’s race with an excellent time of 8.33.80.

Thomas Nobbs, age 13, continued his winning streak with a third consecutive gold in the 3000m event, crossing the line at 11:20.81.

VOC continued its impressive showing in the midget category. Megan Picken and Samantha Cho ran solid races, ranking 4th and 6th respectively with times of 12.35.33 and 13:03.30. And, for the boys, one of our new members, Fergus Horrobin, finished 6th with a time of 11:15.55

Congratulations to all.




5 JDs to receive BC Athletics Awards

This October, five VOC Junior Development athletes will be honoured with a BC Athletics Award. Each of these athletes surpassed the BC Athletics standards in one or more events during the 2012 track season. This is a great achievement and we congratulate the group. The awards ceremony takes place at the Croatian Cultural Centre at noon on October 28. Scroll below to see the athletes.

Kendra Lewis, age 10: 1000 meters


Chloe Ainsworth, age 11: 60 meter hurdles


Nina Watson, age 11: race walking


Jasper Schiedel, age 14: 100 meter hurdles, 200 meter hurdles, long jump, triple jump, and pentathlon


Hannah Johnson, age 14:  200 meter hurdles


Six come in first

September 22 saw the VOC team divide and conquer. Our athletes competed in two different races: the South Fraser Cross Country Meet and the Whister Spirit Run.

Kendra Lewis, Nina Watson, Thomas Nobbs, Megan Picken, Aleksandra Boothroyd and new member Fergus Horrobyn all won their age categories. Samantha Cho placed 2nd behind Picken and Stephanie Berringer finished strong in 6th. Congrats and well done.

Detailed results are on the BC Athletics site. Click the Results tab on our site to get there. Image

Cross country season starts strong for VOC

September 15 was the Pinetree Classic in Coquitlam – the first xcountry meet of the year. VOC had an excellent showing with several of our athletes placing in the top of their age categories including:

•Kendra Lewis, 1st place

•Thomas Nobbs, 1st place

•Nina Watson, 2nd place – right on the heels of the first place winner

•Stella Rockel, 4th place

Congratulations to all.

VOC Athletes Shine at Canadian Legion National Championship

Four VOC athletes competed at the Canadian Legion National Championship August 17-19th in Charlottetown, PEI.

Three of our athletes, Stephanie Cho, Jessica Hanson and Sophie Dodd represented the BC Team and Jasper Schiedel competed as a VOC athlete. Our athletes shined at their respective events achieving great results and personal best.

Stephanie Cho was the best BC Team athlete winning 4 medals, Gold and three Silvers. She won the Canadian Champion title in Triple Jump with the top result of 11.67. Stephanie demonstrated her potential by winning Silver medals in the 200mH and in Long Jump events. Both jumps were personal best. She won the third Silver as part of the BC 4x100m Relay Team.

Jessica Hanson, arriving direct from a Bronze medal win at the Canadian Basketball Championship in Fredericton, did a great presentation as part of BC 4x100m and Medley Teams winning two Silver medals. Jessica did a great performance in High Jump – tied her personal best of 1:60m ranking at 4th place.

Sophie Dodd competed in a Youth category against the athletes one year older than herself. She had two personal best in Long Jump with 5:28m for 7th place and Triple Jump with 11.42m at 4th place missing the medals by less that 20cm.

Jasper Schiedel, a midget (one year younger than BC Team Athletes and other competitors), had a great achievement in 100mH,-200mH and Long Jump with personal best in all three events. Jasper finished third in 100mH winning the Bronze medal, 5th in 200mH setting a new BC Record for 14-years olds. In Long Jump Jasper jump for the first time over the 6 meter mark and with his new result 6:01m was in 4th place.

Congratulation to all athletes on their achievements!

Canadian Junior Track and Field Championships – VOC Tourigny wins Bronze!

Jul 27- 29, 2012, Winnipeg.

On the same weekend that many VOC JDs experienced their very first championship competition Katherine Tourigny competed with experience and confidence at the Junior National in Winnipeg. Kathryn, an 18 year old in the Junior category (18 &19 year olds) has been coached by the Meces for six years with a specific focus in hurdles.

Her bronze event was the 400m hurdles, where she fought hard. She fell at the last hurdle, then stood up and sprinted securing third place. Her result of 1:01.44 is a new personal best and it is the standard for the Junior Pan American Games next year in Lima Peru.

Congratulations Katherine!

2012 BC Summer Games – VOC plays a vital role in Zone 5 success.

July 19 – 22, 2012, Surrey BC

The BC Summer Games are held every second year and provide an opportunity for athletes in 22 sports, from Athletics to Wrestling, to come together in a celebration of sports. Athletics is represented by Midget Track and Field competition. The games were opened with a parade of 2600 athletes from eight Zone teams. See http://www.2012bcsummergames.ca for highlights of the opening and closing ceremonies, the events, the achievements and the celebrations.

VOC is located in Zone 5, which is comprised of the City of Vancouver, the North Shore up to Whistler /Pemberton and the Sunshine Coast. VOC athletes competed in Zone 5 finals over three nights in June; six athletes made the Midget team. Unlike the Provincial Track & Field Championships the 14 and 15 year olds are seeded and awarded as one age group; Samantha Cho, Stephanie Cho, Jessica Hanson, Hannah Johnston, Megan Picken and Jasper Schiedel made the team.

Stephanie Cho won three Gold Medals in long jump, triple jump and 200m hurdles; Jessica Hanson won a Silver Medal in high jump and Jasper Schiedel set a new BC record for 14 year old with 3097 points and won the Gold in the pentathalon1. Hannah Johnston set record for 14 year olds in 200m H at 28.67.

The VOC highlight of the Games was the 4 x 400 women’s relay. The Zone 5 team was comprised wholly of VOC athletes. Megan Picken gave the relay team an impressive starting lead, Hannah Johnston received and handed off the baton with perfect transitions, Jessica Hanson closed a gap to bring the team to the front and Stephanie Cho crossed the finish line for the team to win the Gold medal for Zone 5.

Besnik, Tatjana and Jerin Mece were at the track and field venue for all three days of the Games providing support to our athletes and families. Again we applaud their dedication and perseverance to bring each VOC athlete to their personal best and contribute to the success of Zone 5.

BC Athletics 2012 Track and Field Jamboree – Emotions run high for BC/Yukon team selection.

July 13 – 15, 2012, Coquitlam BC

The BC Track and Field Jamboree is the provincial championship for 3 age groups: Midget (14 & 15), Youth (16 & 17), Junior (18 & 19) and Seniors ( >19). The Midget are in transition years from their Junior Development years (JDs); these 14 and 15 years old are seeded together in each event, but are ranked and awarded separately by age group. It is an exciting year for 14-year-old athletes to compete against the 15-year-olds. Youth athletes are ranked and awarded as one group, and likewise are the Junior athletes. This was the provincial trials for the selection of the BC/Yukon teams for national competition.

At the 2012 BC Jamboree the VOC coaches made a definite statement to the track and field community on the maturity and depth of the track and field club which they have rebuilt over the last six years. Ten VOC athletes collectively won 16 medals: 11 Gold, 5 Silver and 1 Bronze.

Katherine Tourigny, an 18 year old in the Junior category, qualified for the Canadian National in Winnipeg, achieving a gold win in 400 m hurdle and the silver in 100 m hurdles. Lauren Gillespie was our sole VOC athletic in the Youth Heptathlon, an eight–event competition over 2 days. Congratulation Lauren for winning silver!

Sophie Dodd in the Youth category secured a place with the BC/Yukon team by wining 2 Golds: long jump and triple jump and capped it with a bronze in the 300 m hurdles. Jessica Hanson secured her berth in the Midget 15 BC/Yukon team with a 1.60 high jump tying for 1st place..

Repeating their credits in Kelowna, Stephanie Cho and Jasper Schiedel each won 4 Gold medals. Stephanie in the 15-year-old category: 80 m and 200 m hurdle, long jump and triple jump set the BC record for Midgets in 200m hurdles at 27.47 and secured a berth in the Midget 15 BC/Yukon team with her medal run. Jasper in the 14-year-old category: 100 m and 200m hurdles, long jump and triple jump, setting a new 200m H BC record at 25.95 for 14 years old.

Hannah Johnston in the 14-year-old category: 300 m dash, long jump, 100 m and 200 m hurdles, pulled two Silvers, Bronze and 4th respectively. Samantha Cho, Megan Picken and Elizabeth Tourginy all achieved personal bests and wins in the top eights of all their events showing the depth of VOC.

JDs take note! I happened to be standing behind Besnik Mece as he watched a jamboree athlete catapult through the finish line and I heard Besnik say “ It takes five years to make an athlete like that” – so JDs, mark the year you started with VOC, add five years and visualize the future.