Vancouver Olympic’s 2021 Mini Meet

On Saturday April 17, 2021, the Vancouver Olympic Club (VOC) track and field family held a successful VOC Mini Track Meet. The first in-house mini track meet was organized by our coaches, assistant coaches and parent volunteers at our home base facility, Point Grey track. The competitions that took place were:

      Junior Development Group girls with 80mH, where four girls of the 2009 and 2008 category, had great race results

      Sprint events of 60m dash for group age of 9-11 years old

      100m for all categories

      100mH and 110mH for the 14+ group

      200m for the 14+ group, and

      long jump for Junior Development and the jumpers of 14+.

A few days prior to this mini meet, the 14+ distance group athletes ran a 500m race with a PR. All the athletes were very motivated and under the well-organized training process are looking forward to  obtaining better results in this difficult pandemic year. Kudos to all parent volunteers for their help and support for this successful track meet and especially to Jim Torrance at his multi volunteer positions. Thank you to BC Athletics official Chris Eliopoulos for his great work in long jump. Thank you to our coaching team, for planning, and structuring the mini meet, including the schedule, registrations, timing and statistics.