VOC Athletes Opened the 2019 Cross Country Season

On Saturday, September 22, 2019 six VOC Athletes opened the cross country season, competing at Vancouver Spirit Run at Jericho Beach.

The weather was very poor with rain all night and all morning making the course an extremely muddy one for all athletes.

Top result for this meet was from our sixteen year old athlete, Dylan Uhrich.

Uhrich won 5k for youth category (16-17 years old) with the time of 16:34, and it was the best meet race time for this group age. 

Photo provide by A.Uhrich

Dylan achieved a PR of 2’05” from last year competition, where Dylan finished in 4th place.

Riordan Miya, finished second with 17:43, a PR  of 37” from last year, where he was 3rd.

Photo provided by A. Uhrich

Tillda Cressman ran a solid race for midget category, finishing 3rd with 12:20, a PR of 2’41” from 15:13 of last year.

Good presentations was done by Allison Torrance, Cole Timko and Cy Jones, where they ran for the first time a distance of 3km as well as Sky Bell Parsons whom ran the 2km route.

Photo provided by W.Timko

Congratulations to VOC athletes for good XC opening season.

Main photo provided by Fast Track Sports Photography, https://www.facebook.com/fasttracksportsphotography/