BC Provincial Track and Field Jamboree Championships

From July 13th – 15th, fourteen athletes competed at the final of BC Provincial Track and Field Jamboree Championship for midget, Youth , Junior and senior category.

VOC athletes won 12 medals with 7 gold and BC Champion titles, 1 silver and 4 bronze.

Our girls distance runner for youth category, won all three events of 800m, 1500m,3000m.

Kendra Lewis won two Gold medal in 1500m and 3000m. and Ceili McCabe won 800m.

Jillian Wong, won gold in Triple Jump and Bronze in Long Jump, and Julia Ho, won Silver in Triple Jump. Jessica Urban, won three bronze medal in her favorite events, 100m, 200m, and Long Jump.

14 years old Adria Sellers, competed in 300m hurdles with 15 years old and won the bronze medal. She achieved another great results and a PB in 80m hurdles.

Spencer Pratt, won the gold medal for senior category in 400m hurdle and achieved a PB.

A great achievement by Thomas Ma, winning double gold in 100m and 300m hurdles. He will be leading the BC Provincial Midget Team in the Canadian Legion National Championship.

Dylan Uhrich, and Tilda Cressman, had a great performance in 2000 and 1500m steeple chase and achieved a PB results.

Other athletes, Oleg Correa, who made a great improvements in sprint events, Ben Paetzel and Paul Paetzel with a PB in 800m, Riordan Miya, Kaitlin Loo, and Pirro Ifti, performed well in their respective events.