BC Provincial Cross Country Championships

Six VOC athletes, competed successfully at the BC Provincial Cross Country Championships, on Saturday, Oct.28, in Abbotsford.

Kendra Lewis, won the BC Champion title in the 3km Midget category with a time of 10:21.19.

Bridget Baziw, ran a strong race, finishing 7th with a time of 14.15 (second place for 16 years old).

Devan Wiebe, run a solid race in the 6 km race with a time of 22;14.

Great presentations was from Tilda Cressman in the 3km race for 13 years old, finishing 5th with a time of 12:00

On the men side, 17 years old Ben Paetzel, ran a great race in the 8 km junior category, finishing 14th with a time of 26.27.

Paul Paetzel ran a solid race in the 3km Midgets division with a time of 10.31.

In the final round of the Lower Mainland of Cross Country Series our athletes were awarded:

Kendra Lewis, 1st place in Midget category with 120 points.

Pirro Ifti, 1st place in Midget category with 103 points.

Paul Paetzel, 4th place with 80 points in Midget category.

Bridgett Baziw, 1st place with 89 points in Youth category.

Ben  Paetzel, 1st place with 102 points in Junior category.

Congratulation to our Cross Country team for their achievements.