South Fraser Success

13 year old Thomas Ma was the VOC star of the meet winning 5 medals: 4 gold and one silver. Ma ran a great 300m with a personal best of 41.00, and achieved the BC Athletics Standards Award winning the Triple Jump with 10.91. He also won the 80m and 200m hurdles with 12.85 and 28.36. In the long jump, he had a personal best of 5.09m achieving a silver medal.

There were huge improvements for Pirro Ifti, who ran 1200m and 800m. In 1200m, Ifti, controlled his pace carefully and exploded in the last 300m, winning the gold medal with a time of 3:54.18. With a powerful sprint at the end in the 800m, Pirro had a personal best of 3.69 sec., winning the silver medal with a time of 2:26.56, missing the gold by only 19/100 of a second. Pirro also ran a strong 300m with a time of 47.63.

Sophie Fernback won the high jump with 1.45m and Triple jump with 9.88m, close to the BC Athletics Award Standard for this event. She won silver in Long Jump with a huge personal best of 4.68m, missing the gold medal by only 4 cm. Sophie ran well in the 80m hurdles, 100m, 800m, and shot put in preparation for the pentathlon championships.

For the twelve year old category, Tilda Cressman was very solid in her performance with the 800m, obtaining a personal best of 2:44.38, winning the bronze medal. She threw a good 5.29m in shot put.

Zoe Cheng ran a great race in the 200m hurdles winning the bronze medal with 33.84 and together with Adria Sellers ran a strong 200m making the finals and ranking at 6th and 5th place respective times of 31.33 and 31.31. Sellers ran a strong 800m with a time of 2:50.27

Meera Soma had a solid presentation with good results in the 800m and long jump.

Great high jump from Mackenzie Fernback with 1.05m, winning the bronze medal and winning the silver medal in shot put with 5.81m for the 10 year old category.

Tiana Ho had strong run in the 200m with a time of 34:59 and high jump with 1:05m

For 9 year olds, Nayan Soma won two silver medals in 60m and 60m hurdles with 9.93 and 13.12, promising to achieve the BC Athletics Awards Standards for these events. Nayan ranked third in high jump with 0.90m and shot put with 4.68m obtaining two bronze medals.