VOC JD Athletes Shine at Trout Lake Meet

20151022_131725On October 22, 2015, a beautiful  sunny day at Trout Lake, top VOC endurance athletes competed with their respective school teams at Vancouver Elementary School Cross Country Championship.

There was so much anticipation and excitement surrounding this event, which was very well organized by the VSB.

Pirro Ifti, a twelve year old in grade 7 at Shaughnessy Elementary, opened the series of races with an early success.  He started very aggressively from the start, and was leading the race up to last 100m.  He finished in second place, winning the Silver medal.

Another great performance came from Adria Sellers who ran a tremendous  race against other grade 6 girls.  Sellers, also a member of Shaughnessy Elementary, was graceful with her light strides.  She shows enormous potential in cross country and distance running.

Other VOC athletes including Stephanie Berringer,  Tilda Cresman and others, competed well and ran solid races in their divisions.