Jasper Schiedel, TEAM CANADA IAAF World Youth 2015 Cali Columbia

Jasper completed his TEAM CANADA role as the inaugural youth decathlete at IAAF World in Cali Columbia in the top 20.

JasperHis total point score of 6353 included 3 personal bests. A competitive performance in his heat in the 400 m completed Day 1 in 50.79 sec, a PB by .43 sec. On Day 2 Jaspers’ performance in discus was tweeted by IAAF throughout the discus event providing exposure for Team Canada. Leading with a PB, which other competitors in the heat tried to best, Jasper finished the event with 40.87 m, a PB of 5.16 m.

Jasper could not complete all attempts at javelin, but then dug deep and completed the decathlon with an outstanding PB of over 11.61 sec in the 1500 m. Providing track drama with Jaspers’ steady race and his push over the last 300 m to overtake the Dane in the last 60 m and place second overall in the final event.

Rumor has it he also led the decathlon squad and coaches in inspired games of UNO played with the youth interpreters during some of the breaks in the 14 hour track days.

Jasper had a world-class performance as 20th in the world youth standings and represented Canada and the Vancouver Olympic Club with athleticism and tenacity.