VOC Athletes Shine at the South Fraser Track meet

Seven athletes of VOC competed successfully at South Fraser Track meet on May 16-17.

Kendra Lewis did a great run in 800m and 1200m winning two gold medals with the PB time of 2:27.33 and 3:54.79. For the same age group, Nicole Scher was 4th in 800m with a good time of 2:50.50.

 For 12 years olds, Sophie Fernback  won the High Jump with 1.44m, achieving and the BC JD Awards standards. She came second in Long Jump with 4.19m and third in Shot Put with 6.17m. Sophie  got a PB in 80mH with  13.96.  In the 100m, she ran 14.49 and came  in 8th place in the finals. She also completed 200m in 31.91, and in 800m in 2:49.56.

 In the same age category, Amelia Geheran, won silver in Discus with 16.60m, and she ran 80mH with 15.72; 200mH with a time of 36.72; 100m with a time of 15.07.  In long Jump she achieved 3.32m, and in SP she wasat 6th with 6.17m.

 We had a great showing from our 11 years girls. Tilda Cresman, won a bronze in 1000m with PB of 3:40.72 and she achieved 3.25m in long jump.

 Adria Sellers competed in the 60mH with 11.61 and received  4th place. She jumped 3.33m in long jump and in 1000m came 6th place with a good time of 3:52.19.

 Mackenzie Fernback won High Jump for  9 years old with 0.95m and third with bronze in long jump with 2.36m. She came in fourth place in 60mH with 14.89,100m 17.92 and 7th in the finals.

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