Vancouver Olympic Club 65th Anniversary Gala


left to right Besnik Mece, Jim Boothroyd, Brian McCalder, Marion Crowley, Rob Lonergan, Howard Wilson, Ivor Davies, Thelma Wright, Brian Blamey, Nancy McLaren, Hugh Wilson, Diane Clement, Doug Clement, Maureen Connelly, Tatjana Mece.

The Vancouver Olympic Club 65th Anniversary Gala was held on November 22nd, 2014 at the Stanley Park Pavilion and it was a resounding success. The food and venue were fantastic; the keynote speaker Dr. Douglas Clement was inspiring; the address by President and CEO of BC Athletics, Brian McCalder, was very thoughtful; the dedication to our coaches was a joy, and the contribution from alumnae provided for a richer understanding of what VOC really is as a club.


We would like to thank those who made donations to the event including:
The Run Inn, Woof, 4-Cats, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Olinda’s, Urban Foliage, University of British Columbia, Rackets and Runners, Run-Spot-Run, Ice Breaker, the Katyal Family, Ho family, Schiedel Family , Choy Cheng Family and Mece family.

Special and heartfelt thanks to all those who volunteered to make this event run including the Gala Committee: Scott Morgan, Jim Boothroyd, Anne Fernback, Hazel Choy, Besnik and Tatjana Mece, Maureen Connelly and volunteers, Lorena Fierro, Stephanie Leung and Jane Rowlands and the athletes who presented, Amelia Gerhren, Thomas Nobbs and Hannah Johnston. Thank you to all of the families who supported the Gala from the New Westminster Spartans, home of our dual athletes and the Vancouver Olympic Club.