VOC Excels at the BC Provincial Cross Country Championships

The BC Provincial Cross Country Championship in Clearbrook Park in Abbotsford on Saturday, October 25.

Seven VOC athletes performed very well at this championship, achieving good results.

Leading the VOC’s top results were Kendra Lewis and Thomas Nobbs, the new BC Provincial Champions for their events.

Kendra won the race of 3000m for 12 years old category with the amazing time of 10:25.85. With this time she would also win in the 13-year-old group for girls.

Thomas Nobbs, showed his endurance potential in cross country races, winning the 3000m, and BC Championhship title for 15-year-olds  with a time of 9:08.30, a personal best from last year’s time by about 50 seconds.

For  9-year-old, Kaitlyn Sussey, ran for the first time in this level of competition. Kaitlyn did a solid run, coming 13th in a time of 7:50.28.

10-year-old Tilda Cressman ran very well, finishing 11th in a time of 9:08.15.

In the 11-year-old category Nicole Scher finished 7th with a time of  9:00.44, running for the first time at this level of competitions, followed by the solid run of Stephanie Berringer at 8th place in a time of 9:02.94.

For boys of this group age Thomas Ma runs well and finished 12th with the time of 9:21.00.

Congratulation to VOC cross country athletes for this great achievement!

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