VOC Athletes performed Well at Frank Raynold X-C Meet

Eleven  VOC athletes performed very well last Saturday at the Frank Reynolds Memorial Cross Country Meet in Cates Park, North Vancouver.
Thomas Nobbs, was our top athlete who won the 3km for Midget boys with a gold medal. He ran a solid race with the good time of 9:54.10
Twelve-year-old Kendra Lewis, repeated her victory for the fourth time winning the 3km for 12-year-olds with the time of 11:38.55.
Other VOC athletes performed well at their respective events.
For 9-years-olds, Katelyn Sussey, ran very well for the first time in the 2.1km with 7:29.93
For 10-year-olds, Tilda Cresman (14th) with the time of 9:37.16, Zoe Chend (15th) in 9:42.94
and Lauren Mosley (18) in 10:08.04.
For 11-years-old, Stephanie Berringer (11th) with 9:07.33, and Amelia Geheran (14th) with 9:17.42
For the boys of this category, Thomas Ma was (12th) with good time of 8:58.75
For the boys 12-year-olds category, our athletes had good performances.
Dylan Chend came 9th in 3km with the time of 13:02.68, followed by Tayler Hicks with the time of 13:26.19
Congratulation to VOC Cross Country Athletes!
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