VOC Cross Country Team runs Strong at Festival of Cross Country

Five VOC athletes competed at the Festival of cross country meet on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at Crescent Park in South Surrey.

Our 11-year-old girls (2003) ran solid at 2000m, achieving good results. The VOC group was lead by Sophia Fernback who finished 6th and followed by Stephanie Berringer 11th and Amelia Geheran  15th.

Kendra Lewis, as usual, won her 3000m race for 12-year-old girls (2002) with a huge lead over the other competitors. She ran very strong and her results were also faster than the boys of her age group and the 2001 girls.

Thomas Nobbs (1999) again won the 3000m for 15-year-olds with the time of 10:43.15. He lead from the start to finish, demonstrating good condition.

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