Great Showing for VOC Athletes at the Pinetree Classic Cross Country Meet

Five VOC athletes competed at Pinetree classic cross country meet last Saturday.

Adria Sellers, who ran for the first time for the VOC, placed 14th in her group age (2004).

Sophia Fernback placed third  in 9:05  in the 2003  age group, which was a 3 second improvement on her personal best (PB).

Kendra Lewis placed first overall for 2002 boys and girls. Also with her results of 7:57 (with a 16 sec. PB) she was first for  the 2001 girls group age.

Tyler Hicks, who ran for the first time for the VOC, placed 12th in his group age.

Thomas Nobbs placed first in the midget category with a time of 13:39, a 1 minute,  12 second  PB.

Congratulation to all athletes.

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