Cho Beats World Standard in 400mH.


Last weekend VOC athletes racked up great results early in the season. The Junior Development group competed in two meets, Universal and Eagle Ridge, where they earned 18 medals and trophies: 7 gold, 7 silver and 4 bronze.

At the Vancouver Championships, midgets Hannah Johnston and Thomas Nobbs won their three events plus the aggregate trophy for their group age. Kyle Jang won the 200m and came second in 100m, followed by team-mate Ben Wong. Heather Berringer and Megan Picken both won the 800m for their age groups. Heather picked another gold in the 1500m. Excellent performances were also had by J. Buckshon, A. Weir, F. Horrobin.

The UBC Last Chance Meet saw Jessica Hanson high jump an impressive 1.60m. But the most remarkable result of this very busy weekend came from Stephanie Cho at the same meet. She beat the World Standard for the 400mH with a time of 61.83 (The standard is 62.80.). Cho also beat the Provincial Standard at the Dogwood Track Meet in Victoria in the 300mH with a time of 44.46.

Congratulations to all. Keep up the great work.