BC Athletics 2012 Track and Field Jamboree – Emotions run high for BC/Yukon team selection.

July 13 – 15, 2012, Coquitlam BC

The BC Track and Field Jamboree is the provincial championship for 3 age groups: Midget (14 & 15), Youth (16 & 17), Junior (18 & 19) and Seniors ( >19). The Midget are in transition years from their Junior Development years (JDs); these 14 and 15 years old are seeded together in each event, but are ranked and awarded separately by age group. It is an exciting year for 14-year-old athletes to compete against the 15-year-olds. Youth athletes are ranked and awarded as one group, and likewise are the Junior athletes. This was the provincial trials for the selection of the BC/Yukon teams for national competition.

At the 2012 BC Jamboree the VOC coaches made a definite statement to the track and field community on the maturity and depth of the track and field club which they have rebuilt over the last six years. Ten VOC athletes collectively won 16 medals: 11 Gold, 5 Silver and 1 Bronze.

Katherine Tourigny, an 18 year old in the Junior category, qualified for the Canadian National in Winnipeg, achieving a gold win in 400 m hurdle and the silver in 100 m hurdles. Lauren Gillespie was our sole VOC athletic in the Youth Heptathlon, an eight–event competition over 2 days. Congratulation Lauren for winning silver!

Sophie Dodd in the Youth category secured a place with the BC/Yukon team by wining 2 Golds: long jump and triple jump and capped it with a bronze in the 300 m hurdles. Jessica Hanson secured her berth in the Midget 15 BC/Yukon team with a 1.60 high jump tying for 1st place..

Repeating their credits in Kelowna, Stephanie Cho and Jasper Schiedel each won 4 Gold medals. Stephanie in the 15-year-old category: 80 m and 200 m hurdle, long jump and triple jump set the BC record for Midgets in 200m hurdles at 27.47 and secured a berth in the Midget 15 BC/Yukon team with her medal run. Jasper in the 14-year-old category: 100 m and 200m hurdles, long jump and triple jump, setting a new 200m H BC record at 25.95 for 14 years old.

Hannah Johnston in the 14-year-old category: 300 m dash, long jump, 100 m and 200 m hurdles, pulled two Silvers, Bronze and 4th respectively. Samantha Cho, Megan Picken and Elizabeth Tourginy all achieved personal bests and wins in the top eights of all their events showing the depth of VOC.

JDs take note! I happened to be standing behind Besnik Mece as he watched a jamboree athlete catapult through the finish line and I heard Besnik say “ It takes five years to make an athlete like that” – so JDs, mark the year you started with VOC, add five years and visualize the future.