2012 BC Summer Games – VOC plays a vital role in Zone 5 success.

July 19 – 22, 2012, Surrey BC

The BC Summer Games are held every second year and provide an opportunity for athletes in 22 sports, from Athletics to Wrestling, to come together in a celebration of sports. Athletics is represented by Midget Track and Field competition. The games were opened with a parade of 2600 athletes from eight Zone teams. See http://www.2012bcsummergames.ca for highlights of the opening and closing ceremonies, the events, the achievements and the celebrations.

VOC is located in Zone 5, which is comprised of the City of Vancouver, the North Shore up to Whistler /Pemberton and the Sunshine Coast. VOC athletes competed in Zone 5 finals over three nights in June; six athletes made the Midget team. Unlike the Provincial Track & Field Championships the 14 and 15 year olds are seeded and awarded as one age group; Samantha Cho, Stephanie Cho, Jessica Hanson, Hannah Johnston, Megan Picken and Jasper Schiedel made the team.

Stephanie Cho won three Gold Medals in long jump, triple jump and 200m hurdles; Jessica Hanson won a Silver Medal in high jump and Jasper Schiedel set a new BC record for 14 year old with 3097 points and won the Gold in the pentathalon1. Hannah Johnston set record for 14 year olds in 200m H at 28.67.

The VOC highlight of the Games was the 4 x 400 women’s relay. The Zone 5 team was comprised wholly of VOC athletes. Megan Picken gave the relay team an impressive starting lead, Hannah Johnston received and handed off the baton with perfect transitions, Jessica Hanson closed a gap to bring the team to the front and Stephanie Cho crossed the finish line for the team to win the Gold medal for Zone 5.

Besnik, Tatjana and Jerin Mece were at the track and field venue for all three days of the Games providing support to our athletes and families. Again we applaud their dedication and perseverance to bring each VOC athlete to their personal best and contribute to the success of Zone 5.